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3 min readSep 27, 2021


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

In alignment with the ideas that we’ve shared before, we believe it is of paramount importance to give back. If you’re a business owner, you probably already know that the community is what makes your company thrive — any company to thrive, for that matter. You’ve seen how giving back to your community can make an impact on those around you. Chances are you also already know how impactful giving back to the community can be.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a tedious must-do point on your checklist, but rather an opportunity to positively and significantly impact the world, which will return to you and your brand in the form of a good reputation.

Furthermore, it’s no longer just about giving back to the community. It’s also about being open to amazing possibilities and giving yourself a chance to be in the way of more opportunities — and helping others in the process.

Although most of the CSR laws around the world only apply to companies that have reached a high margin of turnover, when we make it a mission to do good and impact our communities, scaling up is swift and easy. Plus we get the benefits of a good name.

Impact doesn’t always have to go towards the most vulnerable population. It can be directed towards general culture and arts, or towards far more creative projects. If you’re into saving the environment and helping those that need it the most, like access to education and clean water, go for it! However, other SMEs, startups, and not-for-profit organizations could also use your help to impact the world even more.

When starting a business, the capital may not be flexible enough to allow for cash donations. You have the innate desire to give back, but feeling like not having that many resources to do so holds you back. Well, I got fantastic news for you: you still can help others in need!

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

There are many ways to contribute. You can even do it without spending money. You could offer your services for free or at a big discount. You could offer brain exchanges and get paid in other services you need and help other small entrepreneurs take off. Now you’ll not only have the great opportunity to showcase your service or product, but you’ll also make an impact on someone else’s life!

The project we share today was given life by YPO Lagos Chapter @ypo_africa, where leaders and CEOs of many of Nigeria’s leading companies mobilized private capital to set up and run a provisional COVID-19 isolation center and hospital for four months.

Not only did they donate cash but their biggest contribution was their know-how, leadership, of getting things done, and many more that led to the successful treatment of 300+ lives.

Design Hacks proudly contributed and assisted to the Eti-Osa Isolation Center and happily helped beautify the external outlook of a project that was already beautiful at its core. In return, we had the wonderful experience of working with wonderful leaders from many industries, learning from the experience, and getting to know wonderful people.

Making an impact in our communities is a joint effort, it’s through volunteerism and the desire to promote the welfare of others, and understanding that it takes all kinds of people — no matter how different each one of them is — working together as one big team to build up the world around us.

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Written by: Valentina Garay

Edited by: Bernadith Ato

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