Giving Back (Heal the World Series)

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3 min readNov 13, 2020

“Heal the world, make it a better place.” For you and your business and the entire human Race. — Michael Jackson

#BeautifyYourProjects People united to form a heart. (Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash) Design Hacks
People united to form a heart. (Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash)

Ideally, your brand is something that makes you passionate. Something that excites you every day and pushes you to keep forward the vision. But the way to have a vision that will overcome obstacles and ups and downs is to make it impactful. To include in it how you plan to change the lives of the people you and your brand come across. When you operate at this high level, your vision becomes a purpose, and challenges and obstacles won’t bring your mood and determination along with them.

CSR, commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility should be implemented at the very early stages of a business.

Transforming the lives of the people you touch through your product or service, or as a side thing, should be a number one priority to brands, especially startups, because this will bring success not only to your company but also to your personal life.

According to an article by McKinsey, generations shift towards ethical consumption trends, changing the quid pro quo system that our economic system was built, into an evolved system where many stakeholders work and get benefitted from the human and business transactions and interactions resulting from a purchase or contract.

Design Hacks #BeautifyYourProjects. Today’s Young People Differ from Yesterday’s (Image by McKinsey on
Today’s Young People Differ from Yesterday’s (Image by Tracy Francis and Fernanda Hoefel on

When you dig deeper into this, and you find ways to support your community, the people around you, or your world through whatever it is you do or offer, you realize there are even more side benefits added to the equation than a simple sacrifice for the good of others. As an employee, business owner, entrepreneur you can take the lead and shift the market trend from your corner of the world, join the wave and help the world evolve on a fair note that is multi-beneficial. You can do this without waiting for it to be a legal requirement.

Keep this in mind, you can start by offering your help, for free, donate your service, help those you can and the community will pay back to you in well-earned recognition, in good reputation, experience, and learnings. Consider intangible transactions and improve your business model when you don't have the cash flow or capital to do this.

To walk the talk, Design Hacks will use this green space to help support and share causes of impact, any level of impact and contribute to make the design and startup industry a conscious and great industry, one to heal the world and make it a better place.

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