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“Market Like you Give a Damn” Afdhel Aziz

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Today in our Marketing Tips we will explore how to use the force of marketing for the good. How to “Market like you give a damn” (Aziz, A., 2020). Marketing is a great tool, but as we shift into a world that’s more aware it becomes necessary to respond to the demands of society. Now people are shifting towards sustainable or responsible brands that somehow act as a force for good.

🌸Marketing aggressively and targeting quid pro quo transactions or pushing products to people for the sake of sales is not as effective anymore. According to Aziz, A. (2020), “Good is the new Cool”, some years ago the concept of using brands as a force for good was pretty much inexistent. However, nowadays this is not the case. Companies that have purpose at their core, outperform the competition. Adapt your marketing strategy wisely, understanding that impact is a big driver in our time. That being good is cool, good, transformational ideas go viral now more than ever before.

🎫 A good way to stick to this learning is by following the principles of purpose shared by Afdhel Aziz, advisor to brands like @adidas , @bacardi and @sonos

Design Hacks. Market like you give a damn.
Market like you give a damn Post by Design Hacks on Instagram

The principles of caring

  1. Find your purpose: Why does your brand exist? How does your brand serve society? Think about the humans behind the clients and how your service or products changes or impacts their lives.
  2. Don’t advertise, solve problems: Once you solve step number 1 you’ll start realizing what your product/service will change in society and in each individual’s life. Create brand experiences and content that portray this.
  3. Find your allies: Other brands, content creators that align with your mission or vision, nonforprofits. Check who stands for the same values your brand does and share your mission together through a united voice.
  4. Lead with cool but do good: Making ideas sound appealing, interesting or sexy does not depend on the truth of the fact you’re sharing. If you commit to transparency, caring for your clients and yet still make them trendy, make them cool and make them viral. Get creative!
  5. Effectively communicate the good you’re doing: Make sure that you get credit for all you do. It’s not bragging but letting the world know what you’re doing will attract those who value it. Also, sometimes you could use indirect advertising through branding on events or product donations.
  6. Inspire people to become your advocates: Give your fans and advocates great, newsworthy content to talk about. Make them authentically fall in love with your brand and spread the love.
  7. Back up promises with proof: Whatever you stand for, make sure internally as a startup, SME or Corporation you abide by it. Make sure you’re taking actions towards your ideals and walk the talk.

🏩 This is a solid base for your business, as people looking for reliable companies who share their values find them by word of mouth. Ensure that you are consistent with what you do and why you do it and the rest will find you, step by step.

🌷Learning credits: @afdhel

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