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3 min readOct 17, 2020

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, periodicity is key to success. People tend to believe it’s about great content, but great content can easily be outshined by a lack of recurrence.

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It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, the industry or sub-industry you work for: periodicity is key to success. People tend to believe that the key to success is about great content, but great content can easily be outshined by lack of recurrence, when your audience is excited to see more and comes back for it, and nothing happens, they will certainly find an alternative for the content they seek.

When someone follows your page they often check what you have posted before, and this lets them model whether or not following you will add value to their network. If a page has not posted in a while, this could be very discouraging to follow the page. On the other hand, if there’s a recent post, but they follow you and don’t see from you very often, they can reconsider whether following you is worth it.

Nowadays, in the Social Media Age, we need to understand that people consider more and more important their following/follower ratio. Hence unfollowing any unnecessary subscriptions is the first step any person takes when cleaning up their following list. Committing to this periodicity rule is the simplest way to ensure you add value authentically to your followers and that they’ll enjoy seeing from you every once in a while.

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Social Media Logos (Photo by dole777 on Unsplash)

What does periodicity mean? It means recurring, constant, expected, organized, and as close to schedule as you can. Posting at regular intervals of time has other benefits (this can be every three days, every week, twice a month):

  1. Adds credibility to your brand: Trust and credibility come from feelings of safety, from brands that behave the way we expect them to, with a few positive surprises, but that will not betray what we think they stand for. It’s a very simple way to add professionalism to your brand.
  2. It’s great for SEO: Even though it’s a mystery how the SEO of different search engines work, we know for sure that keeping updated content (on websites and social media pages) proves that you’re a good source of content, which makes them want to feature you.
  3. Keeps you connected with your followers: Through constant interaction, they will feel more at ease and comfortable to engage with your posts, giving you real-time feedback.
  4. Helps you attract more followers: Through this organic gain of momentum you will be in the spotlight and your social media presence will start snowballing.
  5. Keeps you organized! It subtracts a level of stress or pressure by committing to a structured system that will let your mind rest from the pending to-do of what to post next. This in addition to a Social Media Calendar will be your ally to handling your social media like a pro. We’ll talk more about that soon.

The great thing is periodicity is up to you! You can choose how often you post and keep it constant. The ideal periodicity depends on the social network you choose as well as your industry and topics, but once you define it, stick with it and shine!

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