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3 min readOct 9, 2020


As we take our first steps into a slowed-down world, we need to understand our clients and step in their shoes, we’re all on the same boat, reinventing, developing, growing.

Together we create better artworks. (Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash) Design Hacks #beautifyyourprojects
Together we create better artworks. (Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash)

Today, on our Marketing Tips I will walk you through the why behind the paramount importance of real, authentic value. As we strive to navigate a slowed-down economy, it is important to understand the reasons driving business relationships and how to stand together to stand out, step-up, and re-build our systems.

Now, as it happens with every economic crisis, every investment will be re-evaluated, every step thought through even more carefully than before. Hence, the focus of design and marketing should really be to help and make our clients’ experience with our brand as easy as possible, to be a partner, a helping hand, and a real aid to whatever they are seeking; as opposed to simply selling a product.

When a brand portrays itself as a partner and offers that support and ease to work with it, it’s not only the product or service that the client enjoys but also the good experience of a swift, seamless business relationship that nourishes and benefits everyone. It stops being seen as a transactional quid-pro-quo relationship and becomes a two-way highway of endless possibilities.

It becomes, hence, important to understand the value. Value is the abstract importance or worth of something. Not to be confused or mistaken with a price. Price is a monetary means of exchanging goods or services, whereas value is the impact, the difference an action, good, or service could have.

  1. Value is relative: The same way some of us may appreciate a seven-course dinner on a re-known restaurant for the culinary experience while others may not relate to it and focus their goals on traveling around the world; we need to understand that perception of value coming from different people don’t define our brand. Nevertheless, they are insightful metrics that used properly could help us identify when we’re taking a wrong step, adjust, and tweak our north and continue.
  2. Value could boost monetary benefits: When your brand is value-centered rather than price centered, the negotiations and conversations are much more sensible and toned down in general terms. If a customer would like to negotiate the price with you, why not invite them to negotiate the value you can offer for that price instead?
  3. Value makes you stand out: We live in a globalized world that shifts more and more into monoculturalism. We can see and access products and services from all around the world, that we didn’t even know existed. In an overflooded market, what will make you special is how your service or product can be transformational for a person, can have meaning, and value.
Value belongs to wherever we think it belongs to. (Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash) #beautifyyourprojects
Value belongs to wherever we think it belongs to. (Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash)

Let us give you a hand in collaboration to take your ideas and projects where they need to go, we want to help you create this positive mood with your own clients and rank your brand amongst the top in this new normal. As a wise person once said, an economic crisis is when the Forbes companies get shuffled. Be at the top of your game and let us take care of beautifying that, what you already have in mind.

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