Every great design comes with an even better story

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“Every great design comes with an even better story” — Lorinda M.

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At it’s core, graphic design is about enhancing comprehension, about making complex concepts easily understandable by breaking them into visually pleasing and easy to read parts. This implies that design is a way to storytelling, that it is the second step, that it needs that first part, the story to be able to exist (at least in a solid way).

Although for some it might seem obvious, it’s worth staying the importance of conceptualizing and structuring ideas before creating a design around them. When you understand an idea or a concept properly this is reflected in the simplicity and ease with which you explain it, this is the same case graphically and also verbally. Additionally, conceptualizing and planning will help the design with overall cohesion and this stage will let you also filter out stories, concepts or ideas that are perhaps not worth pursuing.

In addition to that, you not only want to mention basic features, tell the full story about what you offer, about your project, your idea, what it entails, its benefits, the “why” you do it. Bring people along and on board with your storytelling, be authentic and share why this idea is great, why it makes you so excited. Naturally graphic design will compliment an already great idea or story perfectly.

A great story will set a great mood. When there’s no story behind your design the message it will bring across will not be cohesive or coherent, people will notice this, and it will speak about your brand’s professionalism. Following the steps and the process in the right order will portray organization and solid bases on the designs you share.

Don’t see design as an accessory or an alternative to create engagement, it is a mistake to believe that having great designs will guarantee your success, it only does when you use it as a partner and compliment to what you do, first ensuring an adequate structure and then using design as a tool to help it go viral, to help everyone see what you see in your idea, to make it appealing. To attract attention, to catch eyes, to help people spread the word simply and access the information quickly, but it should always compliment your already solid mission, vision or idea.


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